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Stephen Kamau Kiarie

Co-founder & Technical Director

Stephen Kamau, Synergetic’s Technical Director, is an Electro-Mechanical Engineer with over 12 years’ multi-sectoral experience in oil and gas, petroleum, real estate and petrochemicals industries. His skill in leading the team and his expertise in his particular sector has been a key factor in successfully spearheading major projects in the Petroleum & LPG industry, including multi-nationals such as African Gas & Oil Limited, Louis Dreyfus Commodities, Oilcom Ltd, East African Storage, Petroda Mozambique Limitada, Gas Petro Bulk Ltd, among others.


In his capacity as the Technical Director and Portfolio Manager, he specializes in handling and coordinating multiple projects in various stages of the project life-cycle. He excels as well as draws inspiration from the synergies created while structuring and coordinating project execution teams. Working closely with the Managing Director and the rest of the board, he assists with strategic and operations management, as well as structuring and coordinating project execution teams.


Stephen Kamau graduated from the University of Capetown with a bachelor’s degree in Electro-Mechanical Engineering and oversees the handling and coordination of Synergetic’s project portfolio in various stages of their life-cycle, assisting the Managing Director in strategic and operational management as well as structuring and coordinating project execution teams.


Some of the key institutions that Mr, Kamau belongs to are as follows:

  1. Member - Engineers Board of Kenya;

  2. Member - Institute of Engineers of Kenya

  3. Member - Institute of Mechanical Engineering, UK

  4. Member - Energy Institute, UK

  5. Member - Golden Key International Association, South Africa.