Ricardo Vares

HOD. Construction Management, Civil, Structural Engineering & General Works

Ricardo Vares Jorge Viera, our head of Construction Management Civil, Structural Eng. & General Works has over 14 years’ spanning multiple industries. He has worked on projects for several multi-nationals including African Gas & Oil Limited (AGOL), Louis Dreyfus Commodities, Oilcom Ltd, East African Storage, Petroda Mozambique Limitada, Gas Petro Bulk Ltd.


Ricardo graduated from Faculdade De Engenharia Da Universidade (Portugal) with a Masters in Civil Engineering. His expertise spans multiple industries including Oil & Gas, Petro-Chemical, Power Generation, Agro-Industrial and Dry-bulk handling, etc.


As the head of the Civil and Building Services, he oversees all the functions towards Construction Management, Contract Management and Quality Assurance & Control.