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Ricardo Vares

HOD. Construction Management, Civil, Structural Engineering & General Works

Years of Experience: 18+


  • Oil & Gas

  • Civil Construction


  • Portugal

  • China

  • Angola

  • Mozambique

  • Kenya

Summary of Experience:

  • He oversees all the functions towards Construction Management, Contract Management and Quality Assurance & Control. 

  • He has worked on projects for several multi-nationals including African Gas & Oil Limited (AGOL), Louis Dreyfus Commodities, Oilcom Ltd, East African Storage, Petroda Mozambique Limitada, and Gas Petro Bulk Ltd

  • Supervise Project and Site Construction at PRF Gas e Tecnogia Lda/Petromoc–Petroleos de Mozambique. 

  • Held the position of a Design Construction, Budgeting; Direction of Work at Galar Constroi, Lda-Angola (Construction and Public). 

  • Design Construction, Budgeting; Direction of Work at ACF; ACF Timor.

  • Project Management / Consulting / Technical Direction of Construction Technicaat the CuboestrategaLda, Engenharia Civil Lda / Auditoria /Direcção de Obra / Outsourcing Construções. 

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