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We offer distinct services across multiple industries including Petrochemicals, Oil & Gas, Agro-Industrial, Power Generation, Dry Bulk Handling, Commercial Real Estate and Transport & Logistics.


Advisory Services

  • Preparation and/or review of engineering program

  • Expert testimony

  • Appraisals, valuations, studies, reports

  • Feasibility analysis

  • Accident investigations

  • Preliminary concept sketch

  • Preliminary specification notes

  • Development of work estimate

  • Litigation/ Claims/ Insurance assistance

  • Detailed analysis of owning and operating costs

  • Special grants and loans

  • Translation and interpretation

  • Project management scheduling assistance

  • Assistance in preparing purchase enquiries

  • Value engineering

  • Quality assurance

Preliminary Design Services 

  • Scope of project

  • Statement of probable cost

  • Preliminary design reports, alternative conceptual proposals, sketches, schematics, specifications

  • Scheduling

  • Documents for financing

  • Geo-technical Investigative Surveys

  • Permits and licenses

  • Environmental assessments

  • Revision of existing designs

  • Life cycle costing

  • Preliminary cost estimates

  • Engineering surveys, profiles and cross-sections

  • Quality assurance

  • Work Safe coordination

Detailed and Final Designs

  • Detailed design

  • Working drawings

  • Specifications and tender documents

  • Statement of probable cost

  • Detailed cost estimates

  • Reinforcing bar schedules

  • Provision for client supplied equipment not in the contract

  • Demolition documents

  • Tenant improvements

  • Fast-track construction or sequential tendering

  • Preparation of shop drawings

  • Environmental design

  • LEED® documentation

  • Design brief

  • Draft O&M Manual

  • Draft commissioning plan

  • Emergency response plan

  • Quality Geo-technical design

  • Corrosion protection  

Project Management

  • Risk management

  • Commissioning

  • Prime consultant services

  • Quality assurance

  • Evaluation and pre-qualification of contractors.

  • Service procurement and evaluation

  • Risk management

  • Commissioning

  • Prime consultant services

  • Quality assurance

  • Evaluation and pre-qualification of contractors

  • Service procurement and evaluation

Construction Related Services

  • Supplying resident project staff to ensure contractors carry out their work in conformance with the contract document specifications

  • Assisting in the preparation of contract

  • Review of shop drawings

  • Field review

  • Progress review

  • Quality assurance

  • Testing monitoring

  • Change order costing

  • Document interpretation

  • Payment recommendation

  • Substantial performance review

  • Advising client and contractor of continuing or newly observed defects or deficiencies

  • Year-end warranty review

  • System start-up and documentation

  • Post-warranty period follow-up

  • Fast-track construction or sequential tendering

  • Maintenance manuals and drawings

  • Certification and testing of systems

  • Commissioning/ training

  • Environmental monitoring

  • Record administration

  • LEED® documentation and certification service

  • LEED® compliance energy model

Facility Management 

  • Asset management

  • Operations and maintenance

  • Supply chain management

  • Process optimization

  • Risk management

  • Instrumentation

  • Pre-commissioning & commissioning

  • Learning and development

Health, Safety & Environment and Quality Control

  • Creation of HSE systems and protocols

  • Creating baseline safety inspection checklists

  • Provide data on facility safety status over time

  • Implementing tailored initiatives to enhance facility HSE standards

  • Risk assessments to identify potential hazards

  • Determine areas of safety non-compliance and devise and implement solutions

  • Preparation of emergency response plans

  • Offer services dedicated to quality management that cover processes, products and services

  • Quality control and risk assessment which includes integration and monitoring.

  • Document control and communication management which includes establishing project communication protocols and upholding high standards of project confidentiality

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