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While passionate people often enjoy talking a mile a minute about what excites them, they back up their claims with action. Bring on the blood, sweat, and tears! These are aspects that we require every applicant to be armed with.
Passionate People are Doers
“Develop a passion for learning. If you do, you will never cease to grow.” ― Anthony J. D’Angelo
At Synergetic, we value the 'hunger to learn' mentality.
As such, we prioritise learning and growth as critical aspects of our brand. Come work with us and take advantage of growth and training opportunities.
A Hunger to Learn
At Synergetic, we are looking for compelling, positive excellence in every task engaged in on behalf of our stakeholders. 
We are Looking for Excellence
at Synergetic

Synergetic aims to attract, develop and retain talented and qualified individuals. We create programs and processes that embody our corporate values and ensure a mindset of continuous improvement. And thanks to the integrity, creativity, and dedication of our workforce around Africa, Synergetic continues to thrive today.

We foster an environment of inclusivity and mutual support, where we welcome and learn from each other’s unique voices, advancing our culture, community, and individual careers. When you work at Synergetic, we want you to come as you are. We work to increase the richness of the organization by actively seeking talent from diverse backgrounds, designing inclusivity into our ways of working, and challenging any behaviour that seeks to limit the success of colleagues on any criteria other than merit. Our aim is to make Synergetic a home for all talent.

Alternative work arrangements are supported where appropriate. These may include telecommuting, off-site offices, position sharing, compressed workweeks, and a formal flextime policy. In addition, Synergetic offers a variety of special benefits to enrich colleagues’ experiences and to promote enjoyment and comfort at work.

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